Sleep Inside A Bookshelf At Tokyo’s Hostel For Bibliophiles

Books are an adventure in themselves, but they also make great company on journeys we physically take around the world. A long plane ride can feel like an eternity without a few chapters to immerse ourselves in, and a busy day of sightseeing can feel incomplete without one final trip into the realm of pure, unadulterated fiction.

While you’ll never be lacking in things to do on a trip to Japan, you might be one of those travelers who can’t go a day without devouring even just a sentence of your current book. But since virtually everything else takes priority during a visit to a foreign land (raise your hand if you’ve ever been told: “Why don’t you just read at home??”), it’s not always easy to find time to read… or so you might think. Luckily for all you bibliophilic hostel-hoppers out there, you can find a place to stay that was literally built to cater to all your reading desires.

Book and Bed Tokyo

If you’re a bookworm traveling to Japan, make sure you look for an open bed at the Book and Bed Tokyo first. With five locations throughout the country in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Asakusa, Kyoto, and Fukuoka, you can relax exactly the way you want to after fully enjoying many of the main tourist attractions Japan has to offer.

Just like its name suggests, Book and Bed Tokyo is a hostel designed for traveling book lovers. With bunk beds and sofas surrounded by bookshelves, the concept of Book and Bed Tokyo is “a bookstore you can stay overnight in” (FYI: their books aren’t actually for sale). It’s designed so guests can feel as if they’re falling asleep in the bookshelves, making it a truly magical place of accommodation for both foreign and local travelers in Japan.







In addition to cozy beds hidden behind beautiful wooden bookshelves, Book and Bed Tokyo offers free wifi and shared bathrooms to their guests. Rates start at 4,700 yen/night. Even if you aren’t staying at the hostel, you can use their daytime lounge space whenever you feel like recharging your batteries with a special book.

If this looks like the hostel of your dreams, head over to the Book and Bed Tokyo website to “book a bed!”