Kirby And Waddle Dee Are Being Transformed Into Kawaii Japanese Sweets

There’s a saying in Japanese that literally translates to “my mouth is lonely,” and it’s typically used when you’re hit with a sudden craving for food. You might know the feeling — that lack of something while you’re studying, reading, or relaxing in front of the TV. And while we don’t endorse mindless face-stuffing, we can’t deny that it’s nice to have a little snack to munch on every now and then.

Anyone in Japan will know that there is certainly no shortage of delicious bites to enjoy in this archipelago of culinary treasures. They’re not limited to high-end sushi restaurants or greasy ramen places, either. In fact, many can be found right around the corner of the street at a nearby convenience store.

Aside from the seemingly endless stock of the country’s most beloved snacks, convenience stores often release original, limited edition snacks in collaboration with various brands and companies. This fall is no different, and at Lawson convenience stores nationwide (excluding Natural Lawson and Lawson Store 100 locations), hungry sweet tooths will be able to feast on a set of kawaii Kirby-themed wagashi treats!

Kirby and Waddle Dee Wagashi

Wagashi (traditional Japanese confections) go great with a cup of tea, making this adorable new series of treats perfect for the cold months ahead. Made with a mochi exterior, each Kirby treat is stuffed with a custard cream filling, while the Waddle Dee treats have a caramel cream filling. Their cute little feet are formed with nerikiri (Japanese dough made from white bean paste and soft gyuhi mochi) so that every bite is sugary and tasty. No artificial coloring is used, either, so you can scarf them up without worry.

Each pack comes with one mochi treat of each character. To make eating them even more fun, Kirby and Waddle Dee both have 4 different facial expressions, and which expression you’ll get is a surprise!

These Kirby and Waddle Dee wagashi will be available at Lawson convenience stores starting November 20th for 280 yen/$2.50 USD per pack (set of 2). You can visit the official product page for more information (Japanese only) or take a look at their Instagram to see more kawaii character-themed snacks.